Landscaping services Knoxville, TN

Landscaping Services in Knoxville, TN

Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services

The way your yard looks has a huge effect on how people view your home or commercial property. If your yard looks healthy and put together, you’ll make a great impression on passersby.

Legends Lawn Care LLC helps home and business owners maintain their great reputations in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our talented team works hard to make your property look better than ever. We offer:

  • Landscape design: Master plan development and landscape redesign.
  • Landscape maintenance: Our landscapers offer trimming, mulch, pine straw, weed prevention, and fertilization services.
  • Turf Maintenance: Fertilization, weed control, fungus management, aerate, overseed, slit seeding.
  • Removal services: We’ll get rid of dead and dying trees, stumps, waste and snow.
  • Insect prevention services: Our landscapers offer insecticide fogging to prevent an influx of bugs, spiders and mosquito prevention for the home, lawn and landscape.

Call Reid West at 865-603-5417 right now to book landscaping services at your home or commercial property in Knoxville, TN.

Love spending more time outside

You deserve to live and work in beautiful places. Legends Lawn Care helps home and business owners fall in love with their properties. Boost your curb appeal today by hiring a team of professionals to make your yard look perfect. Contact Legends Lawn Care LLC in Knoxville, TN at 865-247-4556 to learn more.